Monday, November 30, 2009

"Miss Sexy Clauz" 2009 @Angels & Outlaws 12/04/09

ANGELS & OUTLAWS has obligated/ allocated $500.00 Cash for this event and is Sponsored by Amarone Restaurant AZ
ALL Ladies, ALL ages (21up) may enter this event, the choice is yours?
1. Dresses
2. Slacks and tops
3. Santa costumes
4. Dance outfits
5. Bikini's
6. Body Paint
Frankie Dee 623 332-7694
ICE1.LLC will orchestrate this event on Dec 04, 09


Sunday, April 19, 2009

NightTracks=Nightlife Mania

What is Night Life Mania? It's all about what you do already, Party!

Whatever you are doing at Nightclubs, Bars, Hotels, Rehab Pool Parties, Boating parties, Singles Cruises, Las Vegas Casinos, Spring break, Holiday parties, you get the picture.No matter what you do or did this weekend at one point your freinds and you will be at some bar or nightclub afterwards.

Lake Havasu, Lake of the Ozarks, Cumberland Lake, Florida Keys, Lake Meade, Rocky Point are all Hot Boat Hot spots where groups and partiers go.

Top Nightclubs, New York , La, Las Vegas, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Scottsdale AZ and whatever we missed is what NightLife Mania is all about.Join and Post to the groups we built to tell others about you and freinds.